HROIC’s Vision…

is Members’ realization of an ideal workplace culture, compliance and professional community.


is to establish and share Better than Best HR PracticesSM, experts, resources, know-how, products, tips, tools and treasures with a growing membership community of workplace futurists, lifelong learners, and excellence junkies.


HROIC Values…

Flow. Focus. Now.

Employee engagement.

Making mistakes valuable.

Team. Trust. Collaboration.

Seeking first to understand.

Human Resource excellence.

Professional self-actualization.

Specialization. Expertise. Talent.

Growth. Development. Learning.

Curiosity. Innovators. Inventors.

Discovery. Alchemists. Disruption. 

Community. Relationships. Candor.

Shared Learning. United possibility.

Killing the Ego. The Beginner’s Mind.

Visions to realize. Missions to achieve.