We chose an elephant to symbolize HROIC’s alter ego and strong spirit. Elephants are loyal and protective; HROIC too shelters and support clients.

Elephants form deep bonds, and work in herds. At HROIC, we make mistakes valuable, remember lessons, and share mission-critical guidance unto Members. The wise and experienced leaders of elephant herds tend to impart lessons that range from survival to bliss. The more likely the “green” elephant is to hear, learn and adopt the lessons shared, the more likely it is to survive and thrive.

We have all experienced the awkward feeling of navigating around an “elephant in the room.” The inability to effectively deal with an “uncomfortable situation” or “difficult conversation” often brews toward inefficiencies at best, and massive dysfunction. HROIC helps Members transform workplace elephants in the room into opportunities to grow, learn, professionally develop and achieve excellence.

You may have noticed Ellie is, well, deconstructed. The varying size boxes that together make the whole of Ellie captures HROIC’s community “match-making” benefit – employers with varying Human Resource related needs are recreating the wheel, and at times need either specialists or generalists. Get it…? Ellie’s squares also represent the various teams, roles, departments and individuals in an organization, as well as the myriad facets of human resources.

How to Eat an Elephant…

One bite at a time, of course, is how one eats an elephant. HROIC clients must often untangle complicated workplace challenges or discover unrealized employee potential. Members sometimes initially might feel overwhelmed by perceptions about leadership, morale, engagement, or looming litigation. It can also feel overwhelming to work in a fast growth start-up, much less transform a toxic workplace culture. To prepare for or accommodate growth, a strong human resource infrastructure must be built, starting first with compliance and HR fundamentals.