Dr. Jill Kushner Bishop
Multilingual Connections

Dr. Jill Kushner Bishop is Founder and CEO of Multilingual Connections, a Chicago area translation agency that helps companies engage their multilingual markets and expand their global reach in over 75 languages. ¬†Multilingual Connections translates employee handbooks, policies, contracts and websites, transcribes audio and video and provides interpretation for meetings, trainings and conferences both in-person and via phone.Jill has an BA in the Teaching of Spanish from University of Illinois Urbana Champaign and an MA/PhD in Linguistic Anthropology from UCLA. She has lived, worked and studied throughout the word, and she’s passionate about helping clients make connections across language and culture.

Contact Jill:

e: jill@mlconnections.com
o: 773.292.5500 x100
w: mlconnections.com