Dr. Sylvia LaFair
CEO Creative Energy Options, Inc.

“You are a product of your personal experiences. These experiences, and your responses to them, establish the unseen patterns that determine who you are as leader, a business partner or a team member. My fascination with the power of personal patterns began when my father died from a heart attack when I was 14. The cause? Constant conflict at work. My search for answers led me to research unresolved family patterns that follow us to work. I am passionate about showing the way out: observe, understand and transform outdated, ingrained patterns that can destroy health and the joy of success. I do what I do to liberate and empower leaders—and to ensure no child loses a parent over the stress and conflict at work.”

~ Dr. Sylvia Lafair, Founder, CEO, Inc., and world’s leading authority in pattern-aware leadership development, and recently named one of the 30 Top Global Leadership Gurus of 2016.


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