Roman Poplawski, PhD

Personality Hacker & Peace Maker

Dr. Roman Poplawski is a senior human resources professional with 20+ years demonstrated success in employee development, career pathing, succession planning, individual and team performance assessment and improvement, adult learning and HR operations. Dr. Poplawski’s vast experience includes serving employers in healthcare, academia, retail, CRM, recruiting, leadership development, manufacturing and energy. He has led HR functions and transactions for the world’s largest employers, including internationally, where he honed the research and statistical analysis skills that earned him a Master’s degree in Measurement and Evaluation. He earned a PhD in Psychology, a degree that continues to support his unique perspective when assessing leadership skills, engagement, performance, with recruiting and when advising clients as to professional development, compensation and statistically drive employee related matters. He is a stabilizing, action-oriented consultant and coach who implements balanced curriculum based on theory and modeling with practical knowledge to optimize learning and facilitate professional excellence in teams, employees and brand-centric organizations. When not chopping wood in Idaho or dodging traffic in LA, “Dr. Pop” can be found at the C’our D’Lane police department (volunteering, not being arrested).


Brigham Young University, PhD
Michigan State University

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