Is a one-stop HR shop.

The exemplification of Better than Best Human Resources.

Bundles Best-in-Class HR products & services for low monthly rates.

Provides shared services, learning, tools, resources, forms & clever ideas.

Supports Members’ achievement of a liability-free, best-in-class Hfunction.


 Employer Challenge  HROIC’s Solution
 Fast Growth  50 State Coverage
 Immediate HR Needs  Live Phone & Chat HR Experts
 Compliance  Expertise, Outsource Liability
 Needs for Learning,  Training & Growth  300 + Cutting Edge Courses
 Tactical & Strategic Needs  Predictable HR Expense/Revenue
 Recreating the Wheel  Turn Key, Plug & Play
 Legislative Updates  Alerts, Newsletter, Media
 Budgeting Uncertainties  Recurring Expense/Revenue
Need Deep-Dive Expertise  Community
 Engagement Creep  Project ManagementStatements  of Work, Deliverables & Change  Orders
 Selecting HR Experts  Audience, Collateral, Content
 Running Business in Fear  of Litigation  Community & Calibrations
 Whack-A-Mole HR  Proactive, Install Smoke Alarms

helps Members…

Reduce litigation, as well as employee risk, drama, injury and mistakes.

More easily achieve flow, clarity, results, and professional self-actualization.

Realize an ideal workplace culture and ROI that positively impacts The Bottom Line.

Smoothly navigate evolving organizational needs with experts from varied HR disciplines.

Unite as a community, make mistakes valuable, and share HR lessons that support excellence.